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Information for new customers:

First of all, Thank You for stopping by!  I hope to work for you this year.  Click HERE for a New Client Information Sheet.

I am accepting new customers.  There are some things that are unique to the first client experience, special requirements and so forth.

Where to meet:  I office out of my home, which, if you've studied the Location page, is pretty remote.  If that is a problem, I have a couple of other options.  I have a conference room available to me in Denton during business hours where we can meet by appointment.  I can also meet you at your home or place of business at an additional cost, depending on the location.  Some like to simply meet at a common area, such as a restaurant in Decatur or Bowie. 

What will occur:  I make an effort to complete your tax return in one meeting if that meeting occurs in my office.  That means you will leave with your return in your hand.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered so be sure to bring your checkbook, credit card or cash.  If for some reason we are unable to complete your return at that time, I can mail you a paper copy or email you an electronic copy upon completion.  Again, payment is due before the return is e-filed or released.

What to bring:  In addition to information you normally take to your preparer, I will need photo identification (both spouses, if married) and copies of social security cards for all primary taxpayers as well as dependents.  If you are bringing information to prepare another person's return (your adult child aged 18 or older, a parent, etc) and that person is not present, I will need a signed power of attorney in order to discuss their information with you.  It's a hassle but I am bound by privacy laws. You can download the POA here.  Finally, a copy of your previous year return.  While not essential, it will serve as a guideline so nothing is overlooked.  Also, if you have an ongoing business, copies of your depreciation schedules are essential to my being able to claim all the deductions you're entitled to.

An ideal first appointment will take place at my office (I don't have the facilities to actually prepare the return at other locations), with both spouses present, if married, with all necessary documents.  Not all situations will be ideal but I will work with you any way I can to accomodate your tax preparation needs.