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Here is a list of some useful links and forms to help you compile your tax information, plus other useful sites.

Business Organizer:  A one page form useful in organizing your business or farm information.

Release/Limited Power of Attorney:  For parents of kids 18 and older, you need to download this form and have your child sign it if you are to handle their tax matters for them.

Release/Limited POA:  Same as above only can be partially completed online.

Engagement Letter:  A contract regarding my services plus an information disclaimer necessary for tax preparation.

Privacy Policy:  A link to my privacy policy.

Donation Guide:  A guide and calculator for determining value of non-cash donations.

Where's My Refund:  A publication by the IRS guiding you through the refund process.

Where's My Refund Video:  A U-Tube video by the IRS walking you through the refund process.

Social Security Administration:  The SSA website is updated so you can find out information about your account.  The IRS website where you can download forms or find out more information.



I have some new ways of organizing your tax information, some depending on your line of and check them out:

General Tax Organizer - Long Form:  For most customers, includes rental income and business income pages

Airline Personel:  For pilots, flight attendants and others working for the airline

Daycare Provider:  For caregivers and their unique expense items

Direct Sellers:  Mary Kay, Tupperware, and storefront retailers

Farmers:  And ranchers, anyone who is in agriculture for profit

Long Haul Truckers:  To reconcile expenses unique to the trucking industry

Real Estate Professionals:  A form catering to your unique expenses